The Old Wireless Network Design for Hotels No Longer Apply

The Old Wireless Network Design for Hotels No Longer Apply

Hotels need to be on notice that guests now regard reliable Wi-Fi as a basic requirement. A stable, powerful network design is essential for accommodation providers to thrive in the face of disruptors such as Airbnb. This article examines how old wireless network design for hotels no longer apply, and the hospitality industry should be on notice.

Wireless network design for hotels

Wireless network design in a hotel or B&B is an unseen but vital cornerstone of the overall stay experience. Businesses that don’t respond to the needs of their increasingly connected customers could find themselves facing frustrated visitors. If the experience translates into negative reviews published on high-traffic sites such as TripAdvisor, Trivago, Expedia and, it amplifies the problem to many more potential guests.

The challenge in Wireless network design for hotels

The problem is building a network that can support and respond to technological transformation. A network of legacy systems retrofitted to support new connectivity demands can pose innumerable difficulties and risks. The stopgap solution of adding more and more Wi-Fi access points, for example, to boost signal strength has never been a viable solution to the growing speed and bandwidth demands of hotel Wi-Fi.

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The solution for Wireless network design for hotels

“A fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi network is vital, but to get it right requires a custom solution that is fit for purpose” said Michael Wendt, Solution Architect, Hutchinson Networks.

One solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry is the Cisco Meraki. Using Cisco Meraki as a solution enables Hotels and Bed and Breakfast providers to configure access points that can be mounted inside hotel rooms, therefore closer to guests and their devices which means less interference and better performance.

The failure to respond could negatively impact businesses as the demands of connected guests for ubiquitous connectivity grow year on year. The cost of providing Wireless hotel networks needs to be weighed against the cost of not doing enough in the right areas to maximise the opportunities of technology innovation.

Read Michael Wendt, Solutions Architect for Hutchinson Networks, discuss the evolving networking needs of the hospitality industry and why they aren’t keeping pace in Hotel Magazine.

Hutchinson Networks is a Cisco Meraki certified partner, based in Scotland, operating throughout the UK, learn more about our Cisco Meraki Partnership. By deploying Cisco Meraki as the foundation of a bespoke solution built for your organisation, Hutchinson Networks can resolve all of the wi-fi issues that plague the hospitality industry today and tomorrow.

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A fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi network is vital, but to get it right requires a custom solution that is fit for purpose.

Michael Wendt, Solution Architect, Hutchinson Networks
wireless network design for hotels

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