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The Digital Network - The platform for business

As we take the jump to digitisation, the demand on the network to deliver an ever-increasing number of services gets greater and greater by the day. Legacy monolithic applications are being replaced with distributed web applications and microservices increasing the complexity of the data centre network.

Businesses now require IT departments to become more reactive and agile to support their digital strategy – however, headcounts and budgets are not increasing, and therefore it is becoming more difficult for IT to meet these demands. To overcome these challenges, the network must elevate beyond a platform of connectivity and transition to a platform that can deliver increased automation, an end to end security and next-generation analytics and telemetry.

Hutchinson Networks works with best of breed vendors to design and deliver a network infrastructure that provides a high performance and agile platform. By leveraging software-defined networking (SDN), network management and deployment can be greatly simplified to enable IT teams to be freed up to focus on other projects.


Our Digital Ready Networks Solutions

Cloud Managed Network Infrastructure

Optimise your IT deployment to align with your business needs by sending your requirements to the Cloud, drastically reducing the time spent on network operations and deploying new applications while optimising the adoption and use of future apps.

 Network Management and Orchestration Services

Enjoy considerable infrastructure cost reductions by upgrading your digital initiatives (such as WLANs, switches and routers), while enjoying the flexibility of VMs and central management. Through automation and orchestration built direct into your architecture, reduce the time and cost required to administer, maintain, and manage the network environment.

 Next Generation gigabit wireless

Give your organisation the confidence to roll out new digital initiatives by speeding up connectivity across a larger, more secure and more stable network.

Next generation WAN connectivity 

Better achieve business strategy and accelerate business growth, allowing your organisation to tap into innovations such as IoT, and showcase new offerings such as automation solutions with new partner relationships.


Datacentre networking

Defeat the challenge of positioning your network as a business enabler as opposed to a cost centre, as well as deploying, learning and managing new IT infrastructure with ease and in line with your business objectives.


 SDN capable network architectures

Improve network performance and monitoring by switching your network architecture to a software-defined approach, allowing more flexibility and easier troubleshooting.

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