How Secure are your
IT Systems?

Cyber Security Services

Organisations face both a sharp increase in the use of digital technologies in the workplace, along with a surge in the number and sophistication of cyber-threats. As the importance of individual information and general security increases, traditional methods are simply no longer enough to defend an organisation, however small.

We address cyber security as a whole – providing integrated services that assess risks, detect threats, protect clients’ IT assets, and respond to security incidents.


Our Cyber Service Engagement

Assess – Establish how effective a client’s security controls through our Penetration testing, application assessment and advanced fingerprinting

Detect – Detect key threats through managed compliance monitoring, threat detection, threat hunting, threat scanning and bespoke advisory reporting

Protect – Protect crucial infrastructure and applications through our managed security services

Respond – Respond to breaches effectively through incident response and forensic services

Our Security Capabilities

 Penetration & application testing

Our penetration testing services are delivered both inside a network and externally from the Internet, across the full range of systems.

 Protective Monitoring

Log collection, aggregation and correlation to detect the 1% of threats that matter to your organisation.

 Intrusion Monitoring

We perform security analysis and threat advisories, allowing us to detect anomalies and intrusions faster than ever.

 Vulnerability Monitoring

The best form of offence is a good defence, and our vulnerability monitoring can – faster than ever – detect weakpoints in our clients’ systems.

 APT Monitoring

Supplementing this is our monitoring of advanced persistent threats (APT) in our customers’ systems, including device management and security analysis.

 Malware Monitoring

Our expert monitoring can also preempt the most crippling and fast-spreading malware threats.