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Free Your IT resources

Enabling your IT infrastructure is a must to remain competitive in today’s demanding markets.

To support the future needs of their customers and staff, organisations need to remove risk-creating legacy infrastructure, while creating more agile and enduring IT strategies – all without exhausting their own resources.

Hutchinson Networks can provide an array of Services that can transform your business and create an edge over your competitors. Our Services offering begins with our Delivery Services, which forms an industry-leading baseline for our other services and solutions. Beyond this, we also offer Managed Services, including round-the-clock network monitoring services orchestrated through our in-house Network Operations Centre. These Managed Services are composed of our Cyber Services, a comprehensive mixture of application testing and preventative monitoring, designed to help defend your new network. Our Business Transformation Services are our latest offering, and grant direct access to industry-leading advice and innovative ideas, tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Services we offer

 Delivery Services

Our Solution Architects act as a technical authority, creating fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients. We specialise in complex, multi-vendor proposals tailored to fit your unique requirements.

  Managed Services

After your solution is in place, we offer the services of our in-house Network Operations Centre. The NOC is managed by engineers and analysts 24/7,  and is dedicated to monitoring your network – essentially acting as an extension of your in-house staff.

 Cyber Services

Our Cyber Services help organisations prepare for, manage, and recover from data breaches and network attacks. We help clients smoothly adopt new security systems, procedures and policies to ensure that they remain ahead of the latest security threats.

 Business Transformation Services

We also offer access to expert, bespoke, in-house advice, from Hutchinson Networks. Our Subject Matter Experts can provide both business and technical insight, as well as thought leadership in their areas of specialisation.


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