Paul Hutchinson

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Hutchinson is Hutchinson Networks’ founder and Chief Executive Officer. Paul’s hands-on operational experience within many IT Solutions companies has provided him with significant insight into a whole host of global IT services and the positive impacts they can have on businesses, specifically when they are deployed to best practices.

Paul founded Hutchinson Networks in 2011 with the ethos that remains the foundation of the business today: to build trust with clients by offering them fit-for-purpose recommendations that suit their unique requirements. Through a proven consultative approach, working alongside strategic vendors, and a focus on building long-term client partnerships, Hutchinson Networks continues to grow rapidly under his leadership.

Hutchinson Networks specialises in often simplifying the complex, international IT projects and thrives in multi-vendor, multi-technology environments in over 80 countries, all from its hub in Edinburgh. Paul has been instrumental in growing Hutchinson Networks’ client base, which now includes Fortune 100 companies who require solutions on a global scale.

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Alternatively, watch below to hear how Hutchinson Networks is bringing unique technologies to market in this short video starring Paul, Chief Technology Officer Stephen Hampton, and Principal Architect and Head of Engineer for Global Services Neil Baillie.