Lucie Opltova

HR & Recruitment Assistant

As Hutchinson Networks’ in-house HR and Recruitment Assistant, Lucie Opltova is responsible for viewing every single candidate that could work with us at HN. In essence, it is Lucie’s responsibility to ensure the business gets the best out of the candidate, and the candidate gets the best out of the business.

Her previous appointment as an Administration Assistant for Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC) placed her in the beating heart of the construction of Queensferry Crossing – Scotland’s most ambitious critical infrastructure project in recent memory. Here, Lucie’s primary responsibility was to ensure, daily, that resources were moving accordingly, gathering and completing timesheets for all cable-stay bridge field operatives (140 workers in total) as well as 10 CSB general foremen and multiple operatives hired through agencies, all in a timely manner. On top of these high-importance tasks, Lucie was also responsible for tracking working hours and ensuring that everyone was paid correctly, as well as co-operating with recruiting agencies regarding onsite employees and maintaining all holiday forms for CSB field operatives.