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Wireless Offering

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Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Wi-Fi is critical to both customer experience and staff productivity. Businesses today are faced with many challenges related to Wi-Fi connectivity, including dead spots, growing strain on the network, inconsistent policies and the inability to manage their network from anywhere in the cloud. Organisations with more than one branch office, large floor space, or that house large numbers of customers can be particularly susceptible to these problems.

Meraki Wi-Fi, developed by Cisco and implemented by Hutchinson Networks, is a Cloud-managed IT solution that promises to resolve these issues. Once implemented, Cisco Meraki acts as a powerful, feature-rich but intuitive platform that reduces operating costs and deployment times – all through a single interface. For the organisation’s consumers, Meraki is a fast, stable Wi-Fi solution, capable of supporting the needs of organisations with multiple branches, or thousands of external consumers.


  • Rapid deployment with self-provisioning, self-optimizing hardware
  • Control applications, users and devices
  • Built-in multi-site management
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts
  • Future proof and always up to date, with seamless over-the-web firmware updates
  • New features delivered quarterly
  • Learn more about customers and increase loyalty promote your brand, stay longer and spend more

Meraki also supports wireless surveys, allowing businesses to collect valuable visitor data, understand traffic flow, and display third party advertisements over guest Wi-Fi.

Cloud-Managed Security Cameras

Cloud Managed Smart Camera never stops recording and intuitive features such as motion search makes incident reporting and retrieval faster. Simple to deploy, configure, and manage, add cameras to a network before they even arrive, and adjust both optical and software settings remotely.

A novel architecture places video storage on the camera, not in the cloud, ensuring mission-critical network activities get the bandwidth they need. Since video is stored on the edge, cameras will continue to record even if the network connection fails. Solid state storage and intelligent software allow for customizable video retention.

Quickly assess foot traffic in a retail store or monitor where hotel guests are congregating in the lobby. Motion heat maps only require a small amount of metadata, rather than bulky video files, to provide results with big impact.

Why Old Wi-Fi Network Design Rules
No Longer Apply to Hospitaliity

The rapid adoption of tablets and streaming services means that many customers are using more than one device to access the internet at one time — and often to hog much more bandwidth.

In the face of disruptors like Airbnb, hotels need to provide a Wi-Fi offering that not only offers complete coverage at a fair speed, but one that delves into customer analytics encourages return stays, and be maintained anywhere any time.

As a partner of Cisco Meraki, Hutchinson Networks is best-placed to deliver this solution. Read about our Cisco Meraki offering here, and discover how Meraki can transform your business’ offering, no matter the size or challenge.

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