BT Pulls the Plug on ISDN and PSTN – What Must Your Business do to Survive?

BT has announced that traditional networks will not be purchasable from next year and will render ISDN and PSTN circuits non-operational from 2025. Businesses need to react now, or face being left behind.


ISDN and PSTN Service Cut-Off?

Every business in Britain has been challenged to upgrade their telephony system as BT moves forward with its plans to shut down the nation’s incumbent telephone networks. The telecom provider has warned that both the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) will not be purchasable from next year, and will cease operations entirely from 2025.


Why is BT Transitioning?

Technology has evolved since the inception of ISDN and PSTN circuits, and BT now regards these networks as legacy systems. Moving ahead with the aim of shifting all customers over to IP telephony systems, BT is introducing internet-based SIP trunking as the foundation for calling systems.


What are the Benefits of Internet-Based Calls?

SIP trunking, in general, will allow businesses to consolidate their communication operations. Both costs and resources stand to be saved by routing phone calls through the internet, including:

  • Eliminating the cost of physical phone lines and reducing the cost of network maintenance
  • No requirement for a physical ISDN line, just a connection to the internet
  • A single point of connection for higher quality services
  • Increased uptime and fewer outages
  • Users can retain the same number


What Can Your Businesses Do?

2020 is now less than a year away, so businesses must react and adapt to this rapidly approaching transformation. Crucially, if your PSTN/ISDN contract is expiring within the next few years, you must start exploring VoIP and SIP technologies.

Solutions such as Fabrix Workspace guarantee organisations a comfortable transition during this period of transformation. By adopting the FWS service you can ensure business continuity, maintain performance and guarantee customer satisfaction, all in a comfortable pay-as-you-go model. Enquire about Fabrix Workspace solutions today on our website.

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