The Four Key Components of Digital Transformation

Stephen Hampton, Chief Technology Officer of Hutchinson Networks, outlines what he believes to be the four key components of digital transformation strategy.


With the rise of the Third Platform, and against increasingly saturated markets and sophisticated cyber-threats, the need to digitally transform is clear. Less so, however, is the strategy behind such an undertaking that organisations can tangibly adopt. According to Stephen Hampton, CTO of Hutchinson Networks, there four key components of digital transformation strategy.

Speaking to a packed room of leaders within the technology space at DIGIT‘s fourth Digital Transformation event, Hampton noted those components as:

  • Empowering your employees
  • Optimising operations
  • Transforming your product
  • Engaging with customers

The speed and success of the deployment of these components, Hampton added, would be unique to every organisation embarking on such a project. Hampton explained that younger, smaller and agile organisations could enjoy more success in such projects against incumbents burdened by legacy architecture and methodologies.

“I think, in a lot of cases, this will be down to the leadership and, for others, it’s about how long they’ve been around for. If you’re a new organisation or a startup then you can potentially do a lot of this natively, and you can build right from the start and be digitally native from the beginning,” Hampton said.

“If you’re a legacy organisation that’s been around for a long time, then you’re definitely going to need a cultural change. You’re going to need a legacy infrastructure change and you’ll also need to consider upskilling and a change of mindset across the executive and senior leadership levels.”

Stephen Hampton’s Four Key Components to Digital Transformation can be read in full here.


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Digital transformation should be about the technology working with your business, your product and your users to deliver value.

Stephen Hampton
Four Key Components of Digital Transformation - Stephen Hampton

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