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Meetings no longer need to be confined to the boardroom – we help our clients to create highly collaborative physical and digital workspaces.

We do this with a comprehensive range of collaboration solutions from Cisco that encompass voice, video and messaging to enable people, teams and businesses to communicate more effectively. Our service scales from a single user, to infinite users while delivering the same level of enterprise-grade service and functionality to all.

These capabilities enable collaboration from any device in any location and can be deployed as a Cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution. Our packages can be customised with a range of service bolt-on options where extra features are required.

Our Services

  Unified Communications

We enable our clients to improve workforce productivity by enabling rich collaboration from any location across a vast range of devices. Utilising Cisco Unified Communications Manager we are able to provide a consistent user experience across Endpoint, PC, Tablet and Smartphone that delivers voice, video, presence and instant messaging.


We provide solutions to enable video conferencing and virtual meeting rooms provide multiparty capability in a simple to use, highly scalable, ubiquitous video service, delivering an enjoyable and joined up end to end user experience.


We provide a range of scalable web and video conferencing capabilities from voice services fully integrated into your Cisco Unified Communication Manager through to Cisco WebEx, the market-leading cloud-based web conferencing service for meetings, events, training and support. We help our clients create a collaborative environment by blending the capabilities of voice, web conferencing and video.


We help organisations to unite their mobile messaging app, calling, web and video conferencing tools in a single platform. Through collaboration tools such as Cisco Spark collaboration is seamless. Content can be shared in team spaces, across interactive whiteboards and it stays in context, easy to search and save.

Contact Centre

Our contact centre services are capable of servicing 400 concurrent logged in agents, and are script driven, meaning a script is able to be tailored to meet the needs of each contact centre service individually on a logical basis. These scripts form part of a contact centre application, which includes individual prompts, triggers (such as voice, email) and variables / external integrations.


Our bespoke services can cater for up to 40,000 telephony users in a single cluster. Where higher numbers of users are required we typically deploy regional clusters and seamlessly integrate them, providing for an infinite number of users. Owing to the private cluster approach, we are able to tailor the environment to your exact requirements, including serving high numbers of users resiliently in a Hybrid Cloud deployment, where a client’s core locations are able to host service.


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