Real-Time Application
Visibility and Protection

Fabrix Secure Analytics

Enterprise data centres are getting bigger and much more complex, with hundreds or thousands of interdependent applications. Clients often have no visibility of application flows and dependencies. Application components running in different infrastructures also present challenges in enforcing a scalable security model, resulting in deviations being difficult to detect when workloads fail to adhere to policies.


Fabrix Secure Analytics, powered by Cisco Tetration Analytics, combines real-time data centre telemetry with powerful security monitoring, providing organisations with practical insights to better manage their multi-cloud infrastructure. Real-time data collection via hardware and software sensors and machine learning enables organisations to build dynamic security policy models and understand their IT environments better, by searching across millions of events per second.

Benefits of Fabrix Secure Analytics

 Data Centre Visibility

By analysing long-term application flows organisations can capture in real-time the critical information required before they embark upon transformative change, such as data centre migration or consolidation. This substantially reduces the time and effort needed to gather application migration information and to apply Cisco ACI micro-segmentation policies.

 Application flow forensics

Forensic-level post security investigations can pinpoint individual rogue deviations over a 12-month baseline, enabling anomalies to be dropped. A security standard can then be created by identifying deviations matching malware-style execution.

 Change Impact Analysis

Using simulation, make informed operational decisions by validating the effect of policy changes before they’re implemented. This enables organisations to detect configuration problems more quickly without affecting production traffic.

 Security Policy Automation

Reduce human error by enforcing consistent security policies across each application, regardless of where it resides, even when the workload moves. Organisations can then adopt a zero-trust security model by implementing security policy directly to the server workload level.

 Security Compliance

Compliance with data protection industry standards including PCI-DSS and GDPR can be assured through the monitoring of individual application components. Applications can then be audited in real-time to prove that every security policy is being met.



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