Flexible, Integrated and Scalable

High Speed, Secure, Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

Fabrix IaaS meets all clients requirements for a public Cloud: it’s a fully featured, automated, scalable public Cloud platform with functional topology viewing and a rich catalogue of services clients can deploy.

Fabrix is a public Cloud IaaS platform built on the latest network technology:

  • VM Catalogue
  • Advanced ADC Features
  • Remote Console
  • Topology Viewer
  • Utility Billing
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 Eliminates capital expense and reduces ongoing cost

IaaS sidesteps the upfront expense of setting up and managing an on-site data centre, making it an economical option for start-ups and businesses testing new ideas.

 Improves business continuity and disaster recovery

Achieving high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery is expensive, as it requires a significant amount of technology and staff. But with the right service level agreement (SLA) in place, IaaS can reduce this cost, meaning you can access applications and data as usual during a disaster or outage.

 Innovate rapidly

As soon as you’ve decided to launch a new product or initiative, the necessary computing infrastructure can be ready in minutes or hours, rather than the days or weeks (and sometimes months) it could take to set up internally.

 Respond more quickly to shifting business conditions

IaaS enables you to quickly scale up resources to accommodate spikes in demand for your application – during the holidays, for example – then scale resources back down again when activity decreases to save money.


 Focus on your core business

IaaS frees up your team to focus on your organisation’s core business rather than on IT infrastructure.

 Increase stability, reliability and supportability

With IaaS, there’s no need to maintain and upgrade software and hardware or troubleshoot equipment problems. With the appropriate agreement in place, the service provider ensures that your infrastructure is reliable and meets SLAs.

 Better security

With the appropriate service agreement, a cloud service provider can provide security for your applications and data that may be better than what you can attain in-house.

 Gets new apps to users faster

Because you don’t need to first set up the infrastructure before you can develop and deliver apps, you can get them to users faster with IaaS.




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