Universal Connectivity
for the Cloud Era

Multiple Clouds in One Platform

As Cloud becomes more pervasive across the networking industry, Cloud-based workloads are increasing rapidly. A multi-Cloud approach is becoming increasingly popular because it allows organisations to combine private and multiple public Clouds to precisely fit their individual needs. Bandwidth and security over the internet cannot be guaranteed and present a longer-term problem to organisations as they scale their Cloud environments.

Organisations can get direct access through public Cloud providers such as AWS Direct Connect, Azure Express Route and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Direct Connect. But connections to these services are cost-intensive and limited to large data centres located outside Scotland. Furthermore, purchasing a direct access circuit locks the customers into that Cloud provider, and makes multi-cloud solutions expensive.

Fabrix Cloud Exchange

Why choose
Fabrix Cloud Exchange?

Fabrix Cloud Exchange enables clients to:

  • Connect to either an FCX circuit at their premises or a port on the Fabrix platform at one of our co-location data centres (Pulsant or Telehouse North)
  • Transit connectivity to all the major cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many others

A single Fabrix circuit can provide:

  • Internet Transit
  • PSTN/SIP Transit
  • Co-location Connectivity
  • Cloud Transit

Fabrix Cloud Exchange Benefits

Fabrix Cloud Exchange Reduced cost for private connectivity to the public cloud

Connect to a cost-effective enterprise Cloud exchange solution, evolved and managed by Hutchinson Networks, currently being adopted by both the public and private sector alike.

Fabrix Cloud Exchange Improved performance for public cloud access (dedicated transit with QoS)

Eliminate concerns surrounding allocating resources to the application to guarantee a service level in areas such as performance, availability and reliability.

Fabrix Cloud Exchange Avoid cloud vendor lock-in

The Fabrix platform is managed by Hutchinson Networks but is flexible at its core – it is compatible with numerous public Cloud providers including Alibaba, AWS, Oracle and Azure

Fabrix Cloud Exchange Improved security for public cloud access

The Fabrix platform is maintained and monitored 24 x 7, 365 days a year, meaning you can bring your network onto the public Cloud with confidence, worrying less about outage, downtime or information loss.

Fabrix Cloud Exchange Simplicity – single circuit for multiple services (traditional and cloud)

Designed to be easy for our clients to adopt, the Fabrix platform simplifies your connection but expands your networking possibilities into IaaS, WorkSpace, and Secure Analytics.


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