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Cisco Tetration Analytics: In Brief

Why is visibility in your network so important?

I think there’s a real problem today for anyone looking to migrate applications to new infrastructures such as Colocation Private Infrastructure, Private Cloud or Public Cloud. In order to do that you really need to understand the application flows across your network, so you can build a policy associated with that. A discussion about Cisco Tetration Analytics and how it resolves these problems.


What are the benefits of Cisco Tetration Analytics?

There’s a number of applications for security around Cisco Tetration Analytics. In the first instance, it allows you to create a baseline of your environment, so when you see some deviation or road flows that you don’t understand then you know you most likely have a security problem or something that needs be closed down. There’s also the ability to automate the implementation of security either by creating files that you push in the environment or allowing Tetration to directly control the workloads and security policies.


What is unique about Cisco Tetration Analytics?

It allows you to collect an enormous amount of data and search across that data in a very short space of time. For example, it will collect up to million events per second and allows you to search through billions of events in under a minute.


Real-Time Application Visibility and Protection Webinar

Learn more about how organisations can better understand their application flows and dependencies. Listen to the video from Neil Mathewson and discover more in our upcoming Webinar “Real-Time Application Visibility and Protection” with Stephen Hampton Hutchinson Networks CTO.


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Cisco Tetration Analytics provides a number of security applications and allows you to collect and search across an enormous amount of data.

Stephen Hampton, CTO, Hutchinson Networks
Fabrix Secure Analytics power by Cisco Tetration Analytics

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