5 Benefits of Digital Workspace for Your Enterprise

5 Benefits of Digital Workspace for Your Enterprise

Digital workspace has become more common than ever in virtually all industries in recent years. Other than just being popular, it has also become critical to the success of a business. It improves employee experience and expands the digital culture. So it is much easier for a business to grow. Here is a look at some of the benefits of digital workspace for your enterprise that will be better placed if you deploy the technology.


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1. Revenue Growth

Digital workspace is all about a new mindset of employee flexibility combined with other efficient business processes. In an office setting, employees have the freedom to choose the types of spaces most conducive to the work they are undertaking. This also means they can arrange their work schedule to capture their most productive hours. This means the business teams will not need extra time at work to complete the day’s task since digital workspace saves time and gives the team enough time to exercise their education and training efficiently. This, in turn, reduces the amount of money spent on wages and training materials. Digital workspace is also the main reason why there are more roles in the workplace and has evolved the way businesses recruit for them. This is the same way video streaming and superfast broadband has given room for better conferencing and remote meetings. So in the same way the interview process has changed, so has the productivity of the people enrolled in the businesses.


2. Secured app and data delivery

An active business can be hard to manage especially if you are still using traditional management strategies. There is so much that needs to be taken into account for a business to operate without hiccups. This includes supporting policies, managing contracts, and checking on the compliance of different vendors. When you merge app and desktop virtualisation, ensure collaboration technology, networking and unified communications (UC) management are all merged into a single vendor, then it will be much easier to run a business. With only one vendor interface to learn, employees will fiand it easy to access the business apps and data. They will also find it convenient to work from anywhere and on any device through a secure platform which one of the main benefits of digital workspace.


3. Increased Interaction with Digital Workspace

Mobile productivity apps such as calendars, notes and email are known to speed up task completion from smartphones and tablets. Digital workspace provides connectivity which is key in any business. Employees will efficiently connect within the business to leverage intellectual property and inspire one another. Connectivity is complementary to mobility and when a business uses the ideal tool, it becomes easy for employees to communicate with their colleagues and customers with or without communication barriers. Other than just increasing productivity, digital workspace helps maintain the community aspect of the workplace. The digital workspace employers cannot hide the fact that this tool preserves person-to-person interactions. Increased interaction is normally fostered by clear communication channels and this is what digital workspace provides. Employees will appreciate a working environment when there is a two-way communication tool. This enables them to create their own content or use what is already there to serve the customers better. Collaborative tools also play a major role in ensuring there is increased interaction within the business. Employees will have a seamless experience when solving business problems and working with one another.

Employee productivity has been linked to the level of interaction and engagement they feel according to a number of researches. The principal factor in employee engagement is a sense of feeling valued and involved. That is one of the benefits of digital workspace. Internal communication has become more natural and encourages a more collaborative approach. Digital workspace communication tools ensure s different story is told, on a business and employee level. This information can now be circulated to more people efficiently. So employees can now keep up-to-date with the company and its progression. Using applications and other social media outlet enables employees to respond to the information they receive from management and also gives them the chance to participate in some of the decision making processes through surveys, polls and forums. This whole experience adds to the employees feeling of interaction, engagement and job satisfaction. So a well-built digital workspace is a great investment that any business should consider.

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4. Increased Workflow Efficiency

It goes without saying that adopting a digital workspace goes a long way toward helping businesses become more efficient. It does that by streamlining operations and getting rid of standard roadblocks. So teams in a business setting operate at peak capacity. This is a business strategy that frees up more manpower and gives your business a chance to introduce new initiatives. So you will realise fast business growth.

Digital workspace focuses more on people and provides an environment that people can work flexibly and more efficiently. So employers find it easy meeting high technological demands of their employees.

Since digital workspaces provide better security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, your business will always enjoy an ongoing, deliberate approach that will deliver a more consumer-like computing environment.

One way digital workspace enhances mobility is the availability of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model. This model is quite convenient as it enhances workflow efficiency. It goes without saying that smartphones and tablets are more effective than a laptop or a desktop computer. As a business person, you will feel the impact of this when your employee is travelling or working at a remote site.

It has been said before and more emphasis has to be put on the fact that a portable device makes real-time conversation. This is not just a typical myth but a reality. This means that the employer will have all the time to access information. So there will be a flawless operational continuity in an organisation.

Increased workflow can only be handled when each employee has his/her own device and is provided with the same online experience while searching, collaborating, reading or using apps online. This, along with the confidence and comfort of using your own device gives you a reason to adopt and harvest the benefits of digital workspace.


5. Better services

As mentioned above, digital workspace makes use of essential techniques like secure analytics, collaboration, self-service education and legacy and mobile apps. All these are the key pillars of better service provision. One department of a business that has always excelled in this area is the sales department. Other than just offering better service, this department also excels in scale, mobile and integration.

When employees respond well to critical changes in the workforce, better services are delivered. But did you know that there is a wide gap between the consumer computing environment and business computing environment? Here is an explanation;

When an organisation considers a partial or comprehensive consumer style of computing and for the purpose of business, it will benefit the business and service delivery. So the digital transformation will be inevitable. Therefore, organisations can determine whether they should embrace consumer-style computing trends or not, and if so, how.

Did you know that employees were generally the ‘business consumers’? This is because to them, business is just one part of a wider lifestyle. So people don’t stop being consumers when they report to work. In fact, business consumers normally make consumer-like choices in their workspace computing tools and styles. This is what increases better service delivery.

It is quite easy to harness the digital literacy of business and enhance productivity when a digital workspace is exercised by business consumers. When there is an appeal to the employee’s working style, job satisfaction will always be the end result. So this increases retention rates of staff and reduces absenteeism. There will also be more innovative ideas and the entire business will have the benefits of digital workspace.



With that in mind, you now understand the experience, choices and security a digital workspace offers. You also understand the key to unlocking innovation and boosting your business performance. The above 5 benefits of digital workspace for your enterprise should be clear and implemented to ensure your business succeeds.


Where can I learn more about the benefits of digital workspace?

Digital workspace is a massive undertaking, especially for larger, established companies. When done right, it will produce a business that is more aligned with customer demands and resilient in the fast-moving digital future.

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Digital workspace focuses more on people and provides an environment that people can work flexibly and more efficiently.

Benefits of Digital Workspace

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